What is a vpn?

A virtual private network (VPN) is used to secure and keep your Internet connection private. VPN performs many functions for you, such as hiding the IP address, encrypting the tunnel for your data, and using the Wi-Fi network safely. Even if you are not a cybercriminal and have nothing to hide, surveillance of your work on the network is highly unpleasant. To exclude the possibility of unwanted surveillance of you, people invented VPN.

When you surf the Internet through VPN, you protect your traffic. Thus, no one but you will know what you are doing online. If you regularly surf the Internet through public Wi-Fi networks, we recommend using a VPN. Such Wi-Fi networks are highly vulnerable due to their general availability. In addition, it's no secret that government and state intelligence agencies can easily access your data or browser history to use it for their purposes. VPN comes to your defense in this case too. And finally, in the modern world of various online computer games, many are faced with the problem of hacker attacks or blocking of their favorite online games in your region. Use VPN to play your favorite online games safely and privately.

Without using a VPN, your internet provider receives a request from you and directs you to the resource you need. With VPN, connecting to the necessary sites is more complicated. First, your request comes to the VPN server. Your data is encrypted, your IP address changes. And after all this, your ISP receives a request from an encrypted user. Your device is under reliable protection.


Recently, when Internet users are increasingly concerned about their anonymity and data protection, VPN services have become more widespread. Today there are a large number of different types of VPN. The most popular of them is VPN for ordinary users. Such VPN services offer the user their client application, which only needs to be installed on the device and logged into the registered account. After that VPN service is ready for use. the following processes occur: a virtual private network service authenticates you. Then the server encrypts all the data that you send and receive. So VPN service creates a kind of security tunnel for you. When choosing a VPN service, they usually pay attention to reliability, speed, and cost. It is no coincidence that we have listed these properties in order of their importance. All the same, the most important thing is the safety and reliability of the service. And of course, so that the speed of work does not decrease. Ensure that the VPN service does not save on speed by increasing privacy. Otherwise, you will not be able to work if each browser page takes several minutes to load. As for the price, of course, everyone wants to save money. But consider more important to you: saving money or your safety. Free VPN services often want to make money dishonestly. They sell their users' data to third parties. Their connection will not be secure, and data will be leaked. Your safety should come first. So don't go after cheap or free VPN services. Trust reliable VPN service providers.